About the Book

Soldiers and Civilization covers the history of the military profession in the Western World from the ancient Greeks to the present day. Drawing from military history, sociology, and other disciplines, it goes beyond traditional insights to locate the military profession in the context of both literary and cultural history. Reed Bonadonna maintains that soldiers have made an unacknowledged contribution to the theory and practice of civilization, and that they will again be called upon to do so in important ways. The comprehensive nature of the book and the extent to which Bonadonna draws on the disciplines of the humanities to make his points set this volume apart from others on the subject. The military profession, in its broadest consideration, might be viewed as an interdisciplinary branch of the humanities. A soldier is made of the words of history, poetry, and the laws and language of his calling. With each new conflict, the military may be called upon to preserve the values of civilization. To fulfill its future role, the military professionals of today must know, heed, and apply the examples and narratives of the most successful and exemplary military professionals of the past at their best.

Navy Mess Night

Mess Nite Award

Last Friday, the Ensign James F. Burke, Jr.  Chapter of the Association of the US Navy did me the honor of having me as the guest speaker for their annual Mess Night.  Also in attendance were my invited guests, Col Tom McFarland, USMCR (Ret), Major Bob Cypher, USMCR (Ret)  and former Army Bandsman Bob Ranier.  I received the Admiral Farragut Book Award from outgoing Mess President Tom Dufficy.  A fun night, and  I signed and sold quite a few copies of Soldiers and Civilization.